Learn How To Be a Money Saving Diva Mom

Just like many other new moms, saving money is super important, and lets be honest babies are expensive! I have found a way to save money and I want to share it with you. I love getting to test out new baby products, and what is even better is that I can try them before I buy them. Samples are awesome and can help tremendously with the Mom on a budget.

How to get free baby samples by mail?

So here is my secret to getting all the baby samples like diapers and formula on top of valuable week by week info ..This will save you money Get your free baby samples now!!

Baby Formula Coupons, Where Could I Get One?

With the very expensive costs of baby products these days, moms can find an ally from the websites and companies that offer baby formula coupons. These websites are not just offering formula coupons but they also offer other baby product discounts that every moms could take advantage of.

Most coupons found online are legit, though some could be scam that will just get your details and will offer you with other services. So finding online coupons requires certain precautions because sometimes, it could also be viruses that will attack your computer and get your personal details or credit card numbers.

To know if a certain coupon website is a real one, you can use google and read reviews about the website that offers free baby food coupons or other baby products. Normally, people who have experience using the website will answer your question. Also if you the website is a scam, you will be seeing posts from forums or blogs about it because a bad experience is often spread over the internet so that other would see.

To find the real deal on baby formula coupons, it would be advisable to visit the website of the manufacturer. Most formula milk companies offer promotions in their products and they usually post it on their website or social media pages. They will give you links on where to get free products or list of coupons that you can use from their product page.

Getting discounts on baby products is a good feeling. You can save extra for other stuff that you need at home. I’m sure that once you get good deals from a certain brand, you’ll find yourself looking for more. It’s a very good way to save money using coupons and I believe every mother should get the most of it.

Bottle Warmer to Make Your Life Easy

Among the many baby products invented these days, I can say that one the best ever invented is the bottle warmer. Why? There are few reasons why for me, bottle warmer is one of the best. First, it quickly warms the feeding bottle and I don’t have to wait long to feed my hungry baby. It saves me time from thawing the milk that was stored in the fridge. It is very easy to use with just one click.

Another reason why I love this product is because it can also warm baby foods. You can put the food in a jar and warm it in an instant. I love the way it warms the food and milk with just the appropriate level of heat that is good for the baby. I use Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer Electric Steam Warming System. For me, it is the best bottle warmer. It is very durable and easy to operate, and it is not really expensive for a machine.

It steams, heat, and warms several bottles even before replacing the water from the water chamber. It has adjustable basket that could fit different-size of baby bottles. I can easily adjust the settings from the LCD screen control panel which also produces an alarm when the heat cycle has completed. What I also like about it most is that it automatically turns off after 10 minutes from the alarm sound. This way, even if I get busy taking care of my child while working from home, I don’t need to worry that it may overheat or so, because it automatically shuts down.

Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is so compact and handy that I can bring it anywhere even when I travel. This is also for me a travel bottle warmer. So if you moms out there would like to make things easier for you, then having your very own bottle warmer would be the best solution.

Baby Bottle Holder and Other Stuff, Are They Really Necessary?

There are so many baby products that are being sold in the market nowadays, and most of them are really not necessary and as for me, buying these products could just be a waste of money. An example of this is a baby bottle holder. This product holds the milk bottle when feeding the baby. Obviously, this product is created for lazy mothers who don’t want to personally hold the feeding bottle during feeding time. This product could even pose danger on the baby. It’s okay to use it if you are still going to look after your baby.

When your baby accidentally removed the bottle from his mouth while the bottle is still filled with milk, tendency is for the milk to spill and enter through his nose and can hinder his breathing. Also, milk can spill through his clothing. For me, personally holding the bottle until te baby is ready is still the best thing to do. Other baby things that are not that important are the baby bottle labels. They are cute, but I looked at baby online shops and found them to be too expensive for labels.

I would rather use vinyl stickers to put label on my baby’s bottles than to buy those. Or better yet, I would not put a label because in the first place, I don’t think they are that important at all. I always have lots of pockets on my baby’s diaper bag and I’m sure I would never misplace those bottles if we are outside of the house. Also, those silicon baby labels are just made for the baby’s name, so what’s the purpose? There’s no use if it gets lost unless you put your contact number on it. But I don’t think the one who founds it will ever care to return it. Baby bottle holder and baby bottle labels are something that doesn’t interest me.

Nursery Furniture Sets You’ll Love

Having a baby nursery room is as exciting as the baby’s arrival. Decorating the baby’s room is one of the preparations that make parents, especially moms so busy. Getting the perfect nursery furniture sets for the room is very essential so make sure you get good quality furniture that will also give high comfort to your baby.

What are the nursery furniture sets for your baby? As a parent you are puzzled of what to buy, how to decorate, and what must be the important stuff to buy first. To determine, set first the place and the allotted space for the furniture sets. It is important to have nursery sets especially for your baby, make them comfortable, relax and rest calmly. The cute and charming crib is one that you prefer to buy first because that is the most important part of a nursery room. Also, an organizer for the baby clothes is important. Collecting nursery sets are somewhat exciting and enjoyable.

During sleepless nights, a nursery chair is also important. There are different types and styles of chair that is cozy and perfect for relaxing. As a parent there are many important things aside from nurturing our child from his needs. We also need to take of ourselves so we can take good care of our baby better. For example, using a nursery glider where mother can rock his little one and read bed-time stories, or a wooden rocking chair that you can use to sing lullaby to your angel. We also need comfortable products for ourselves.

Choose the style that match for your nursery’s design, color, and your theme. Select a nursery chair that is perfect for your child as well as for you that you can give a lot of time for your little one. Choose quality furniture especially nursery chairs that will last for more years, if you plan to have your next baby, you can use still use it.

The Best Baby Sling for Moms and Dads

A baby sling is a kind of baby carrier that is made of long cloth that can be wrapped to carrier’s body to bring the baby. It can be in a form of ring slings, pouch slings or wraps. Baby slings are so simple but elegant and stylish. Most of them are cool in summer time. They are 100 percent cotton and very comfortable to use.

Are you looking for the best baby sling? There are many baby carriers available in the market today but some parents are looking for baby slings. The Baby K’Tan is one of the best baby slings. You can carry your baby in 5 different positions. Like other baby slings, it can carry and hold the baby closely swaddled to the carrier’s body. What’s the best option for this baby sling is it can accommodate newborn twins at the same time. Most parents love this carrier as travel carrier because you can just fold it and put in your diaper’s bag when not in used.

Moby Wrap is one of the best baby wrap sling when nursing your baby discreetly. It is a wrap and tie baby carrier that is so soft and very lightweight. Ellarco Mary baby wrap sling is another best baby sling. It is very comfortable, lightweight and easy to use. I found this website very helpful for those who are having a hard time figuring out how to use baby slings. You can visit this website to learn more wrapyourbaby.com. You can find exclusive baby wraps, organic wraps and different colors and styles of baby sling carrier.

Most moms find Maya Wrap uniquely versatile, stylish and comfortable. You can find wide variety of their wraps, slings baby carriers through their website. Do you know that Maya Wrap have easy tutorial online? You can easily learn how to make a baby wrap.

Rice Cereal as First Baby Food

Is your baby ready for solid foods? Are you wondering what will be the best first baby food for your baby? When baby is aged between 4 and 6 months, we can start to add solid food to his diet. What will be the baby foods that are safe for baby’s immature digestive system?

Do you know that rice cereal is one of the best first baby foods for babies? Rice cereal is a baby food based on rice and wheat products and especially manufactured for babies. Most pediatricians in USA recommended rice cereal as the initial baby food. An iron fortified rice cereal is the best choice. It is high in iron and a good source of fiber.

Some studies show that rice cereal for babies have many benefits. Adding 2 teaspoon of rice cereal to every one ounce of baby formula will help him sleep better and avoid heartburn. Some mother reported that rice cereal help colic baby relax. But we still hav e to keep in mind that each baby are different and what’s good for other babies is not good for some. Just observe your baby if he is able to tolerate rice cereal added to his baby formula and if not, no need to pursue it.

When will be the best time to introduce rice cereal for infants? Seeing your baby having solid food is a big development. You have to make sure that your baby is ready to have rice cereal, if not, it could be dangerous. In order to know if he is ready, make sure that he is having a good head control while sitting up in a high chair. Don’t mix rice cereal with other baby food. Try to give him one baby food at a time to know if he is allergic to certain food. After three days, you can offer another baby cereal.

Are you looking for baby rice cereal recipes? You can find different kinds of rice cereal for babies online and the different ways to prepare it.

It is Important to Know How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

Bottle-feeding your baby is a lot of work unlike breastfeeding. You have to wash bottles and nipples, sterilize baby bottles and prepare baby formula. Knowing how to sterilize baby bottles is very important especially if your water supply is not chlorinated. Make sure to sterilize baby bottles and nipples before the first use. This process will kill unwanted germs and bacteria.

Do you know how to sterilize baby bottles? It is easy to sterilize baby bottles manually without the use of a sterilizer. First, clean and wash bottles and nipples using mild soap and warm water. Separate bottles from nipples. Pour enough water to a pot that can submerge bottles and nipples in it and boil. After that, put the bottles, nipples and other parts in boiling water for 10 minutes. You can use metal tong to remove baby bottles and other parts from boiling bottle and dry them in a drying rack. After the process, you can make sure that baby bottles are clean and free of any bacteria.

There are other options that you can do on how to sterilize bottles for babies. You can use dishwasher to fully clean and sterilize baby bottles. The heat from the dishwasher is enough to kill bacteria. You can use microwave to sterilize baby bottles in nine seconds but make sure to wash first with soap and water. Nontoxic sterilization tablet in cold water can sterilized baby bottles. Dissolve the tablet in enough water and soak baby bottles and other parts for a minimum of 30 minutes. Rinse them before using for feeding.

It is not only baby bottles that you need to sterilize but some other baby’s stuff too. A pacifier is always used and sometimes may drop it in the floor. You also need to sterilize all of the implements you use in preparing the baby formula. For more convenience, buy sterilizers that are specially designed for that purpose.

Vintage vs Contemporary Beddings or Both

What do you prefer when choosing baby beddings, is it vintage bedding or contemporary bedding? Let’s see what the differences between them. Are you fond of using vintage bedding? When you say vintage, it means that it could be old fashioned or out of style. They are baby beddings that are too old to be considered modern. Some vintage bedding is second hand but still in good quality. Vintage bedding is not too old to be considered as antique items. Most of our grandparents may have vintage baby bedding that they want to offer in present generation. They are still in good quality and their value increase as years pass by.

I found selection of vintage bedding from Babybeddingzone.com. If you are looking for unique, exhilarating and perfect blend of color and sophistication, that will be the perfect website to check. Most items are on sale and discounted so you better check it for yourself.

If you’re fun of contemporary beddings, you should check also check that website. They have wide selection of modern and trendy baby bedding. Baby beddings and other baby’s stuff are sometimes on sale. What’s good in contemporary bedding is, it is available anywhere. Most babies will appreciate it because contemporary bedding is fashionable, stylish and colorful. Contemporary beddings are easy to find than vintage bedding. Creating a modern look will add excitement in any nursery room.

What is your bet, vintage or contemporary bedding? For me, it does not matter at all. As long as it gives comfort to our baby, they are the best. Make sure to choose the one that match the color of your nursery room. Always select the best color that goes with your baby. If it is for baby girl, choose color pink, yellow, red, purple and more. If it is for baby boy, color blue, white or green will be perfect.

Is Graco Crib Good for your Baby?

There are so many baby cribs available in the market that you can choose from. They all look beautiful and perfect for your baby. They only vary in color, sizes and prices. You must consider crib’s durability because your baby will use it for years. Comfort is a must for any baby crib because your baby will spend more time in his crib than anywhere else in the house.

Have you heard of graco cribs? Graco is known to produce great baby gears and stuff including baby cribs. They have wide selection of durable and comfortable baby cribs. You should check graco cribs from their company website. You will find different standard, portable, convertible and travel graco cribs. One of their bestseller cribs is graco lauren crib. It is one of the best convertible baby cribs available today. It can be transformed to toddler, daybed and full sized headboard.

It is a durable crib that will last for many years. Most parents are happy with this crib because of its comfort, style, beauty and elegance. It has a mattress platform that you can adjust in three different heights. As your baby grows, you can adjust it in the best position that will suit your baby’s need. This is a great baby crib that you can buy that also has a reasonable price. You can find honest customer reviews about graco lauren crib online. Most of them are contented and happy with this product.

How about graco travel lite crib? If you’re looking for a portable or travel baby crib, this is for you. It is good if your nursery room is small. What’s special in this crib is that it has seven patterns. Its removable bassinet is really great with its beautiful canopy. The soft and nice hanging toys are good entertainer for your baby. You should check other graco cribs and you will find the best one for your baby.

Toddler Car Seats for Protection

A baby car seat is especially designed to hold and secure baby when travelling. Using baby car seat is a must and one of the important baby safety laws that we should follow. As parents, we should know how to protect our babies in any possible accidents. Make sure that baby car seat is fit and correctly installed to your car. Put in your mind that incorrectly installed car seat would not able to secure your baby in any car collision.

Our child has more activities when aged 1 year old to three years old. That is the time that they start going to school and they meet more friends. It means that they have to ride a vehicle more often. Choosing a toddler car seat can be confusing. Actually, toddlers can have many options for car seats. First, toddlers can use forward-facing toddler car seat with a harness strap and can cater children from 40 to 80 pounds. Convertible car seat will be fine for toddlers because it can be used from rear-facing to forward-facing car seat. If you’re looking for toddler car seats, you can check several baby safety websites.

Always think of car seat safety first. You should follow the rules and regulations when using car seats for babies. Different babies should have different car seats. Baby car seats will vary in baby’s age and weight. The best toddler car seat for your baby should be safe, comfortable and easy to set up in your car. They should provide the best security and will protect your baby in any car accident.

Infants should be restrained while using infant car seats to make they don’t fall or be shaken in terms of a sudden break. They are especially designed to secure babies that weigh 5 to 20 pounds and it should be in rear-facing position.